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Basic Web Hosting

cPanel powered SSD Hosting with CloudLinux and Litespeed for small businesses.

3.95€ /month
VPS Hosting Europe

VPS Hosting

Affordable Cloud Based VPS Hosting Packages in Europe with SSD power!

25€ /month
VPS Hosting

Semi-Dedicated Servers

Semi-Dedicated Servers enchanced with SSD drives and Premium Hardware

25€ /month
Europe VPS Hosting

Why Choose Us

Our focus is to provide our clients with high-quality VPS hosting Cloud Hosting and Web hosting services. Through our owned hardware at our first-rate datacenter in Europe, we provide premium hosting solutions to all clients. Our services are based on speed, scalability, and reliability to improve your businesses every time. In addition, we customize our solutions according to the growth of your business over the years. Several small businesses and large international corporate organizations have used our servers to develop their businesses. The dedication of our technical and support team will make sure that you get premium services every time so that your business can succeed.

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As we put in great efforts every time to deliver the best services, our web and VPS hosting packages are distinctively more innovative than those of our competitors. We conceptualize new ideas and also introduce new changes into the market.

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Due to our commitment to give our clients flawless and high-performance services that far exceed the standard of other companies, we are perfectionists. We critically evaluate our services and plans every time, and never overlook the needs to improve our services.

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Direct contact with Users

We are not resellers; hence, our clients have direct access to us. Whether you want to start using our VPS and web hosting services or enjoy outstanding customer support at affordable prices, we are always within reach of all customers.

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Vast Experiences

Having worked in the industry for many years, our wealth of experience has been of immense help to us in delivering high-quality hosting packages to our clients. Our invaluable experience has given us an edge over our competitors.

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Exceptional Qualification

Our technical and experienced professionals have acquired the relevant and most recognized certificates required to provide the best hosting services

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We are Europeans; therefore, our services are centered on satisfying different European users as well as other users in other places around the globe. We are dedicated to ensuring the European standard of VPS and web hosting services; thus, the quality of our services is never in doubt.

Welcome to SnelBit

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Would you like to enjoy affordable and dependable services in running your small business website online? Are you in need of high speed and versatile basic hosting service that comes with reliable uptime for your business? Would you like to enjoy full scalability and control your resources through a switch to a cloud-based VPS hosting? If yes, SnelBit is all you need. We are a one-stop platform that solves all issues associated with cost-efficient and attractive Shared Web Hosting and VPS hosting Services

Whether you in search of an enterprise solution or a tailor-made solution that can help you improve your business, our experts at SnelBit are always available to help you. As a leading VPS Europe provider, we guarantee the best Europe VPS and Web Hosting Services.

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Our Guarantees

We believe in integrity and customer satisfaction; hence we offer:

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24/7 Premium
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100% Uptime
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15 Day Money Back
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Our Support System

Customer support is of utmost importance to any business irrespective of the size of your company. Our team of experienced technical support experts at SnelBit can solve any problems you may encounter while using our services. Our team is available 24/7 to swiftly and expertly respond to your questions.

Our Network

Our major facility is found in Data Center Park Nuremberg, Germany, and from there, we work to offer you high speed and availability in our hosting services. Through our multiple 10-gigabit backbone connections, you will undoubtedly enjoy high speeds and reliable uptime in any of our web hosting packages you use.

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Ready to get started? Get in touch with us now and learn more about Europe Based Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Services.