Is VPS Hosting affected by Meltdown and Spectre?

Is VPS Hosting affected by Meltdown and Spectre?

VPS Hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting out there. While it may not be as comprehensive as dedicated hosting, it does come with a huge range of amazing features and benefits. Basically, if you want to host your website online right now, you may want to give VPS Hosting and Managed VPS services a shot, as they can come in handy quite a lot in this regard.

But since Spectre and Meltdown hit at the beginning of this year, a lot of people are wondering whether these types of attacks can be problematic for your hosting service as a whole. It’s extremely important to understand the impact that you may have to deal with in this type of situation. And that’s where you need to identify the true answer behind all of this.



Are these attacks dangerous for VPS Hosting?


All hosting services were affected by Spectre and Meltdown. The reason is easy to grasp, most of them are using Intel and AMD chips from a few generations ago or even some of the newest ones. But since these attacks are a bit random, it’s really hard for a hosting service to figure out what to do and what attacks like these can do for you. The idea is that you need to be very careful and you have to do all in your power to avoid these.

But as you can imagine, every VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting service was focused on dealing with these threats as fast as possible. While there was a possible time window when hackers could have accessed your stuff, that’s not the case anymore. At this time, VPS hosting is the ultimate solution for hosting data online, and the true thing about it is that it can indeed offer all the necessary help and support you need.

Yes, a lot of companies that offer VPS Hosting were affected. The same thing happened with shared hosting and managed VPS services too. But these things happen, yet the companies are always focused on protecting the customer data at all costs. This is extremely important and one of those things that the VPS hosting services are constantly focused on regardless of the situation.



Can these attacks cause any harm?


Meltdown and Spectre are CPU exploits at their core. They can be used to intercept and monitor any private information from the OS. The hardware vulnerabilities are usually very hard to avoid, and unless you opt for something newer you are bound to get some challenges in front of you. But in the end that doesn’t matter, as most VPS Hosting solutions did a very good job at combatting the problem right now.



How can you protect yourself against Meltdown and Spectre?


Most of the VPS Hosting companies are already protected against any attacks like these. That’s why you can count on them to offer you the kind of value and efficiency you always needed. Quality is very important now, and investing in something like this is extremely important.

But what about the day to day user? What can you do is to receive the updates from Microsoft. The OS was already updated to make sure that you will not encounter any major problems like these. What you do need to is to enter Windows update and acquire the latest updates for your PC. It will hamper your experience a bit as there’s a performance decrease, but for the most part, results can be very good. Plus, you’re protecting yourself from a pretty nasty security flaw, so that’s always one of the things that you need to take into consideration.

And while this type of issue can be seen on other platforms too, Windows is by far the most popular platform out there, so it’s the one that got hit the most. What can you do regarding all of this? For starters, the best thing that you can do is to work as hard as possible to update quickly.

Other than that, it’s a good idea to head to the VPS hosting support and see if they can let you know whether the issue was fixed on their side. Normally, there shouldn’t be any issues, but it’s always a very good idea to just complete this fix the best way you can. After all, safety is crucial here, even if there’s a slight performance loss coming with these updates. But in the end, your website users will not feel any difference!

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