To ensure that your business compete online favorably, SnelBit provides several first-rate web hosting services. Whether you are hosting a blog, an app, a personal or business website, we have designed various web hosting packages that suit your needs. Since you are the focus of our Web Hosting Services, we offer you an opportunity to select the right bandwidth, resources, and disk space capacity that will be vital to the running of your website. As we satisfy the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, our VPS, Wordpress and Web Hosting Packages makes sure that they get top quality performance, high speed, and 100% uptime SLA.

About Our Company

The One-Stop Europe Hosting Company You Can Always Trust

The hosting niche is extremely competitive, and new service providers enter the market every year. Some of these services have a poor infrastructure and often face problems like weak security, frequent downtime, lack of versatility and resources. This leads to frustrated users and damage to their business. Enjoy complete freedom from such issues, as SnelBit guarantees stability for your online business. We are committed to offer reliable hosting solutions that every online business needs.

Top quality performance, reliability, 100% uptime, greater speed and affordability are some of the main qualities of our server hosting packages. We ensure high-quality configuration between our nodes, meaning you will enjoy 100% uptime, even if there is a hardware failure.

SnelBit takes your business to the top in an efficient manner, through our fast servers and quality services. We have all the tools and expertise to help your online business to grow steadily. Our customer support and technical staff are ready to solve any possible issue when using our shared hosting, vps hosting and wordpress hosting packages.

Why Choose SnelBit

Are you wondering why we should be your one-stop hosting service provider?

Our Network

High Speed and 100% Availability

At SnelBit, there are two things we always ensure for our network – 100% availability and high speed. Our major facility is found in Nuremberg, Germany, and from there, we work to offer our esteemed customers 100% uptime SLA for every service we provide. With our multiple 10-gigabit backbone connections, you will undoubtedly enjoy high speeds and reliable uptime.

100% Availability

For optimal performance, our web hosting services utilize the concept of high availability. There is a reflection of 100% SLA Uptime in VPS hosting, wordpress Hosting, and web hosting services we offer to our clients.

Enterprise Servers

We understand the essence of modern hardware to any dedicated server concerning the efficient and competitive delivery of data. Therefore, we have equipped our servers with the most technologically advanced hardware. Our partnership with Dell ensures that the latest and most affordable hardware is always within reach.

Our Topnotch Support

When choosing the right hosting services provider, one of major elements that each customer must consider is support. With us at SnelBit, your business is guaranteed the most exceptional customer support. No matter the kind of problems you have with your web hosting services, our experienced and professional team will offer you the solutions.

Our team is always available 24/7 to solve any problems you encounter. We promise to give you timely and problem-solving response within a short period. Our top-notch support is here to assist you in expanding your business online.